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Inbalance - a way of life

Nestled on a jacaranda-lined lane in the quiet suburb of Hurlingham, the Inbalance studio is where yoga meets home. Our yoga community captures the warmth and energy that Jozi people are known for, and a sense of belonging is felt immediately as you arrive for each class.


Our philosophy of balance is threaded through every class:

Balance between movement and stillness, effort and ease, strength and flexibility. Our dynamic classes are tailored to accommodate clients of every age and at every stage of their yoga journey. Whether you’re looking to connect more mindfully, or whether the purpose for your practice is more physical (building strength, flexibility, or preventing injury) you’ll find a beautifully inspiring space to practice each week. The emphasis on mindfulness in each class creates a soulful and spiritual space where each client leaves having received a message of something meaningful, in addition to all the obvious benefits of yoga.


Although our studio provides a peaceful place to practice, the real magic of yoga starts when we can step off our mats and share the practice beyond ourselves. It’s about bringing the benefits into our homes, our places of work, and the communities which we serve.


These are the values around which Inbalance is built.


Hi, I'm Caitlin

As a mum of two little girls and having spent ten years in a corporate career, yoga has been a reminder to consciously slow down and centre myself.


Yoga doesn’t mean meditating for hours or training my brain to be free of distraction, it just means being more conscious with my attention, and there is no better way to practice this than by moving and breathing on my mat.


My love for yoga began during my journey of fertility treatment. In a time of feeling disconnected, I was able to come home to myself on my mat, which became a therapeutic space for me. I loved the freedom I found in the movement and the clarity of mind it provided, and I wanted to share this with others.


In 2015 I completed my teacher training through Yoga Warrior in Johannesburg, and began steadily building a community of clients who returned to evening classes week after week. Something special was in the making, I could feel it.


A year later, our yoga baby was born! I had such a deep gratitude for the practice and the immeasurable gift it had given us that I opened a small home studio in Parkhurst. After a decade long career in an environmental engineering firm, I was ready to move on and dedicate more time to my family and a budding yoga community. The classes grew rapidly in size and in spirit, and in 2022 we renovated a magnificent home studio in the leafy suburb of Hurlingham.

I'm ready to welcome you to our beautiful space.

Come join us on your mat!

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